Watch the Words you Speak: the Trail to Happiness

Watch the words you speak!

Words are just a set of shapes and symbols put together, right?

To the eye that’s about correct, yet to our minds every word attaches itself to an emotional response.

As we grow up, we learn to attach a label to every word in the dictionary. We also tend to accept society’s associations with words being defined as either good, neutral or bad.

Generally speaking, therefore, assuming we form a part of the same community, our initial emotional reactions to most words are pretty similar.

Emotional reactions and intensities in life would then differ based on each of our own life experiences and the words we choose to associate to those experiences.

So why watch the words you speak?

Well, the feelings you experience at any given moment are run by the dialogue in your head.

Many people don’t realise this, though, you have the choice to choose the contents of this dialogue.

How is it that different people have different reactions when exposed to the exact same pleasant or unpleasant situations?

If your secretary comes in to your meeting room and drops a hot coffee on your work trousers, you are going to react emotionally.

Say your first thoughts are ‘Shit, this is hot! How silly of her! I’m furious’. Your behavioural reaction, thereafter, is most likely going to be an outburst of anger.

The situation could do enough to keep you in a negative state of mind for the rest of the day and bring your secretary down to tears.

Now, say the exact same thing happens to your colleague. Yet, you notice nothing more than an initial cringe, followed by a composed dismissal of the situation.

Your colleague’s thoughts, probably went along the lines of ‘Shit, this is hot! How silly of her! I’m feeling uncomfortable’.

Was your colleague not annoyed at the situation? Ofcourse ! Who wouldn’t be after having a hot coffee dropped on their crotch.

Yet, simply changing that one word in your vocabulary, in a near identical thought sequence, can make the whole difference in determining your emotional intensity and subsequent behaviour to any given situation.

Choosing again

The words you choose at any given time, have the power to change your entire life and mindset.

They will determine the emotional frequency at which you vibrate to the universe. Since our thoughts (composed of words) create our reality, you’ll want to choose them well.

Do you wish to feel good or bad most of the time?

Obvious answer! No one sane enough would choose the latter.

Yet, although we cannot control feeling bad at times, most of us keep ourselves there through the choice of words we choose to describe any given situation.

‘I’m feeling depressed, ‘I’m feeling anxious’ I’m feeling exhausted’

The above are very common descriptions of many people’s feelings day to day. This may very well be the case, but why not try changing your emotional intensity to the situation by changing that one word or two to more neutral or positive options?

‘I’m a bit under the weather’, I’m feeling uneasy’ ‘ I’m feeling sleepy’

Same applies with the positives in your life.

Try changing ‘Not bad thanks’ when someone asks you how you are to ‘I’m feeling super’

May sound silly, but by changing your descriptive associations to certain situations, you will, in time, train your mind to rewire itself towards experiencing higher emotional states.

Your shit days in life will become bearable ones and your good days will become fantastic ones.

Same applies with the questions you ask yourself everyday, your judgments, your opinions, your labels and your descriptions.

Your words are at all times shaping where you place your focus, the emotional intensities you are feeling and your own perception of reality.

So watch the words you speak!

Focus on cleaning your work trousers, keeping a smile on your face and grabbing yourself another coffee instead.

Your success and happiness in life depend on it!

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