Finding your purpose: What were you born to do?

The magic question to finding your purpose.

What was I born to do?

Many of us unfortunately go through our entire lives without seeking to answer that question.

The Rut

How many of you are stuck at a 9 to 5 job you don’t like, just because you believe it’s what you have to do to earn a living?

I was on that same boat, until recently.

I realised I was following the wrong life path, although the warning signs by the universe were hinting to me all along.

After going through more finance jobs than socks over the last couple of years, I took it as a sign to ask myself if I was truly happy just earning a decent wage to spend my time on earth behind a desk?

Nothing personal against my past employers. Most were great people with good intentions and I’m grateful at the opportunities given to me when I needed them.

Yet, I asked myself whether my time was all worth the stress, deadlines and bureaucratic bullshit.

After a difficult patch in my life, I went on to ask myself. What am I contributing to society and how am I helping others with what I am doing?

I realised I wasn’t fulfilling my talents, skills or genuinely helping others in any way, in all I was doing.

Following the Herd

You see, we have so many preconceptions in society as to what we should be doing, we often never stop to question if we are happy doing what we are doing.

As children we are free of worries. We always laugh and are just out to have fun and enjoy stuff and explore our talents.

Yet as young adults, notably in our teens, we conform to social pressures and follow the herd.

We place that stick up our behinds and we tend to forget that our time here on earth is limited.

We benchmark everything in our life to what society does and external factors, as a result often influence our decisions, without question.

Everything is to be taken seriously.

While I’m sure many people are happy with their choices and the work they do today, unfortunately for others this is not the case.

Truth is, I had no idea what I really wanted to do as a young teen.

I gave in to the social pressures of having to obtain a degree of some sort by a certain time.

I then went on to create a false serious ego to fit into the career I chose, often engaging in chores I disliked and in no way relevant to what I spent years studying for.

For years, I knew deep down, it wasn’t what I was meant to be doing, yet I never questioned it.

No wonder I found it hard to laugh.

I’m sure many of you can relate to my experience.

Finding your Purpose

So how do you find your purpose in life?

The answer really has to do with time and contribution to society.

Stop and ask yourself, how do you want to spend everyday of your life? What are the things you wish to do but you are pushing back?

You may not have a proper answer to that question or find yourself a new career immediately.

Though, pursuing things you gave up or had an interest in as a child, generally is a good starting point.

Now, you don’t have to quit your secure office job right away. Although doing so, for me, was the most liberating thing I could do.

I embarked in pursuing my Yoga teacher training course. Went on to start proper piano lessons twice a week after years of playing by ear.

I am even pursuing my passion for writing, by starting this blog.

Is it all rewarding? , nowhere yet as monetary close to what an office job gave me.

Though my determination to get up in the morning and learn more about what I truly love doing is rewarding in itself.

I may not have an end goal or target yet in sight, but it’s through continuously trying and learning new things I find an interest in that the universe will open up its opportunities to me.

Will there be difficulties and obstacles ? Ofcourse, nothing comes easy in life, including an eventual passion.

Though its so much more rewarding busting your cojones to earn a living for something you love doing than for Mr. X’s paperwork.

Couple the things you love doing with an objective to helping others and you are truly on an endless mission towards happiness.

When the passion you pursue also has you contribute towards the betterment of society, you will also achieve the spiritual reward of more peace in your own life.

So what are you waiting for to finding your purpose ? Ask yourself the magic question.

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