Why do we give up so easily? You need to persevere

Why do we give up so easily?

I’m sure you have been excited to pursue a goal, thought or idea at some point in your life, only to procrastinate on that idea or ditch it the second things got tough.

I know I have.

Though, just like a thought and idea, it seems this generation throws in the towel at every first sign of adversity or discomfort.

Where did this mentality come from?

I surely remember my great grandmother in France recounting her work stories.

She would work 14 hour shifts, 6 days a week at the age of 12, sick or otherwise, to sustain her siblings to make a living.

It may have been child labour, thinking about it now and surely not pleasant at times.

Though her attitude towards achieving her objective was one of determination, during the tough times of the early 1900’s.

You may say she had no choice. Possibly, but she knew she had to work hard to receive what she wanted.

Human nature, as far as anyone can remember, has always had our minds tell us to give up.

So why the different mentality back then?

Today we come up with tonnes of excuses for almost everything we do.

Why we give up easily

Maybe it’s because our generation has been spoon fed to expect and receive things exactly when we want them.

Think about it.

Most innovative product or service ideas in the past 50 years have been centered on improving the convenience factor in our lives.

Fast food, social media, online stores are just a few of the ever growing convenient ways to keep us within our comfort zones.

I remember a time of ordering food take out four times a week, because it was that easy to avoid cooking and have a meal delivered to me within 20 minutes.

Convenient? yes. Beneficial? not really.

Most if not all take out food is filled with added sugars to make your meal taste good.

Truth is, nothing is healthier than learning to cook your own meals… BUT it was simply a hassle to cook after a long day’s work.

Likewise, we have so much easy access to information with the rise of Google and the internet, that we don’t even know what to do with it.

Just as easy as it is to change one web page to the next, the same holds true with most products and services. We know that there is easy access to many alternatives.

We are spoilt for choice!

No wonder we never achieve the dreams and goals we set out for ourselves. We simply never allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable.

Our mentality has been moulded to seek the easiest path to any reward.

The convenient alternatives we choose as a result are generally of far lesser quality.

Today we dream of learning a new skill or pursuing a new objective. Though, we easily give up when we realise it requires a big effort to achieve.

The fear of failure, as a result, has been strengthened today through the added need to avoid discomfort.

We are so used to convenience that we now always expect an easier alternative to show up.

This is what’s wrong with our mentality.

The need to persevere

The succesful people in life, realise they have to get off their ass and put in an effort to get to where they want to get to.

By successful I’m referring to the ones who achieve their goals and work hard, not necessarily the rich.

Ask any one of them.

Unless you bump into someone who hit the lottery jackpot, all success stories will tell you they went through uncomfortable times to get to where they are today.

Discomfort doesn’t have to mean torture and agony.

It just means you get down to doing things you don’t feel like doing with discipline and a long-term objective in sight.

You accept failure, obstacles and bumps in the road and take each step as a learning opportunity to do better on your journey towards your goal.

Keep in mind, the biggest rewards in life often come after the biggest discomforts.

This holds true in all areas of our lives, from mental health goals down to material achievements.

It was easier to stick to that saying back then, because of the lack of easier alternatives.

Nevertheless, you must persevere in all it is that you do in life. Even if your mind is telling you to give up or seek the easier route.

You will not only build confidence by doing so. You will start to see things materialise for you more than ever before.

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