The Law of Attraction: The power you never knew you had

The law of attraction is a concept you may already be familiar with without even knowing it.

How many times were you left stunned after having a thought about a friend you havn’t met or seen in a while, only to randomly bump into them in the street a couple of days later.

Or otherwise you have them pop up as the first post you see on your social media page later that evening.

This synchronicity you experience may seem like a random coincidence to you, which does enough to make you have to tell someone about it, because you can’t believe it.

What if I told you every single second of your life is a construct of the thoughts you think and the universe is abundant with any possibility.

You may surely not believe that either.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I didn’t believe it until I tried it out for myself.

but let’s find out what the law of attraction really is.

The Law of Attraction

Everything in our life from the universe to our bodies is made up of energy.

Hence, at all times we are vibrating different frequencies of energy out to the universe.

Our thoughts, which are energy in themselves, both consciously and subconsciously, control the frequencies at which we vibrate.

Positive thoughts vibrate high frequencies and negative thoughts vibrate low frequencies.

The law of attraction states that our wanted and unwanted thoughts create our reality.

This reality we then experience day to day responds to the frequency at which we are vibrating to the universe.

Events and circumstances in your life therefore arise in direct proportion to the level of emotional frequency you are emitting.

Given these are controlled by your thoughts, all your beliefs and values are the reason you are experiencing whatever it is you are experiencing.

For example, anxiety, anger and depression, are all caused by the thoughts you think about in any given situation.

These negative feelings are the reason you are attracting negative experiences in your life, or keeping you from experiencing the positives.

Low frequencies will attract negative to low possibilities in life.

Now, Joy, Love and Gratitude will vibrate on a much higher frequency and will be matched by more positive possibilities and experiences in your life.

so how do you apply the law of attraction ?

Applying the Law of Attraction

1 . You are what you think

The first step is to truly believe that your thoughts create your reality. Without this belief, you’ll find it hard to make siginifcant progress.

Repeat the mantra that ‘my thoughts create my reality’ constantly and you’ll find it easier to move on to the next step.

It may take months till you fully grasp that belief, but be patient and persist, it will pay off.

2. Ask for what you want

Second, Ask the universe for whatever it is you want. You have to set proper, clear and definite intentions of what it is you truly want. You can do this through mantras or by visualising yourself in the experience.

It’s important here, that you truly experience and feel what you are visualising or stating.

You have to truly believe and have faith that what you want is coming to you in its own good time.

You cannot just blurt out words at random, it will be a waste of your energy.

Likewise you can’t visualise with no emotional attachment, otherwise you’re just daydreaming.

3. Be Grateful

It’s important to be grateful for what you have asked for.

Opening yourself up to gratitude will raise your frequency, making it easier for what you have asked for to come to you.

The timeframe in which the law of attraction will manifest in your life then depends on the depth of your faith and the intensity of your frequency.

4. Take Action

You may be thinking that the above steps seem pretty straightforward. They are, BUT , you cannot expect the things you want to come to you by doing nothing with yourself.

Everyday you must take action in the direction of your goal or what you want. So if it’s a six pack you’re after, start an exercise regime. If you want that new job, do the best you can at your current job.

With faith and belief that what you want you will get, you will receive.

My Experience

Never did I believe such a law was possible. I was never a person to have much faith in anything.

I decided however after a stressful ordeal to give it a go.

For months on end my efforts seemed useless. Afterall, it took my brain a while to process out the garbage I fed it over all the years.

There will always be garbage left, though I atleast know the most toxic is being well disposed of.

After months of repeating that ‘the Universe is working for me’, that’s when small things started to manifest in my life.

Initially parking spaces started to appear to me easier, when they never used to do so before.

Then a situation happened when I needed cash and forgot my wallet, only to find a note in an old pair of shorts I was wearing.

Mere coincidences you may say, but the most stunning and chilling experience that happened to me was yet to come.

I spent weeks visualising that I would get an article published on a top personal development blog.

Having expected to be turned down multiple times, due to the scores of articles such sites receive, this wasn’t to be.

At my first attempt in approaching a top blog, I received an immediate response the next day, informing me that my article will be published on their site.

I was ecstatic, yet a chill went down my spine, because I finally realised, that if i can manifest the positives in my life, then left unaddressed my thoughts can also attract the negatives.


I now take it upon myself to watch the thoughts I think every single day.

There is still a lot of work to be done and there will definitely be shitty experiences along the way.

Though by catching automatic negative thoughts as often as possible and raising my frequency to a state of gratitude, I’m hoping more manifestations begin to show up in my life.

From a non-believer to fellow non-believers out there, I urge you to give it a go.

If you do believe in the law of attraction, then persist, persist and persist with your efforts and you will come to realise the true power you were born with.

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