Stop Making Assumptions: You’re missing the bigger picture

Stop making assumptions! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, never assume, because it makes an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’.

This holds true in all areas of your life.

Assumptions are often based on past experiences and opinions we have about particular things or people.

They go on to form the beliefs by which we live our lives.

Many people are close minded in life because they hang on to those beliefs and opinions, without ever considering to question their validity.

This applies to even the most obvious of beliefs.

You know today that the world is round because you have seen the facts for yourself. Yet, for a long while people took for granted and assumed that the world was flat.

Let’s go deeper.

You know that you exist because you think and make use of all your senses, but how sure are you that all you are experiencing isn’t merely an illusion?

Coming back to the day to day, say a new colleague comes to join your workplace. He or she is very quiet, reserved and serious.

You come to the conclusion with other colleagues that they are unfriendly.

Well, truth is they’re probably just introverted, shy and anxious in nature, yet you passed judgement before any compilation of evidence.

Caring what others think about you is another common assumption you’re likely to make in your life. In this case, your assumptions are a direct reflection of your own insecurities.

If you assume someone doesn’t like you or someone is using you, then maybe you have an underlying assumption about yourself not being good enough.

The Herd Mentality

We don’t necessarily need to have experienced something for ourselves, to form an opinion and belief on a subject matter.

We often follow the herd mentality. For example, say you’re considering a trip to Colombia or South Africa. In the back of your mind there is probably the stigma that these places are unsafe to travel to.

Where did you get that from? Did your parents happen to remind you of the Escobar days and drug cartels? or did your friends point out to you that South Africa has the most murders in a single day?

Could be you browsed through the stream of negative comments on Trip advisor of others’ experiences.

Well, I’ve visited both these places, with the same stigma attached to them. I was even warned about flying in a plane over Colombia, because of Escobar’s plane bomb that happened in 1989!!

Talk about exaggeration.

Without even having stepped foot in Colombia, I was already uncomfortable and filled with doubt and worry on the way over.

What a waste of energy it all was! and how glad am I that I still went, because I left both countries with a completely different positive perception.

Yes, dangers do still exist, like everywhere else in the world, but No, the negative comments on trip advisor, past media events or your relative’s concerns you’ll get shot down in mid-air should not form the basis of any assumptions.

Find out the facts for yourself, take the necessary precautions like everywhere else, and consider also glancing over at the positive comments in Trip advisor (they do exist!)

Stop Making Assumptions, Ask Questions !

Assumptions can hinder your ability to succeed in life. Just like in my travel example above, the same applies in all areas of your life.

Follow nothing or noone blindly. Always ask questions as to why? what? where? something happens.

Asking questions and questioning the norm, has the ability to propulse you forward in life.

What is stopping you from becoming a millionaire? who said you are not good enough? who said failure and mistakes is a bad thing?

Most limitations in life, and resulting assumptions, are all constructs of the mind. Your job is to break them and soar beyond.

By asking questions and challenging what you think you know and answering them with concrete facts, you will come to make positive changes in your life.

Your relationships are also an important area in your life, where you should stop making assumptions.

Communication problems is one reason many marriages don’t work out. Instead of assuming all is well and rosy or all doom and gloom, ask questions!

Regularly ask your partner how they are feeling or why they are upset. By communicating and sharing your feelings, you’ll avoid taking anything for granted.


Some of the world’s top success stories have gone on to make the impossible possible because they questioned the norm. So what’s stopping you ?

Continuously asking questions in your life and challenging all your norms and beliefs will open new doors in all areas of your life.

As you walk through those doors, with a smile on your face, you’ll be asking, who’s the ass now?

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