Antidote to fear: the hidden weapon within

If only we all had a magical antidote to fear.

Growing up, most of us have gone on to master certain skills and talents in life. Something to make us proud of ourselves.

Yet, there is one area where the majority find skills hard to come by.

Anxiety management.

Everyone faces anxieties and worries everyday. It’s just how life works.

Now, poor anxiety management doesn’t have to mean you’re down with an anxiety disorder.

Although its a very common occurence worldwide, the majority of us just have bad coping skills in avoiding the discomforts anxiety brings along.

You see, we spend most of our time seeking external remedies to soothe the pain we are going through.

Cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, and addictions of any kind are the likely comforts you are going to turn to when times get tough.

We just don’t like feeling uncomfortable.

Someone with an anxiety disorder, for example, is likely to seek medication to feel better.

Now, I’m not saying medications don’t work. They are proven to do so for a while and are at times necessary to stabilise someone.

Though as effective as they are, they simply mask the feelings of worry and anxiety. They are yet another external remedy to pain.

Remedy to Fear

There is actually a better and natural antidote to fear we are not so familiar with.

No, I’m not referring to the double Jack Daniels and coke you knocked down last week. There is something more powerful and healthier for you.

It is sought within ourselves, and that antidote is love.

The feeling of love is easier explained than felt. Many of us live our lives so absorbed up in our emotions, we are often driven by anger, fear, sadness and guilt, with momentary pleasures and glimpses of joy.

This leaves barely any time to sit back and experience the emotion of love.

We often confuse lust with love when we enter into relationships. We think that because we are really attracted to someone, we are in love.

Yet, this is often the reason many marriages don’t work out.

Lust is merely a pleasure, whereas love is a state of being.

When you love someone or something you’ll automatically know it. Such is the power of love, it doesn’t need words to tell you what you’re feeling.

Once we experience love, we realise it’s our true essence as human beings.

Love an antidote to fear

Emotions tend to have their matching opposites. The basic opposite of sadness is joy, the opposite of guilt is pride, the opposite of trust is disgust.

The most powerful negative emotion is fear and well it’s basic opposite is the most powerful emotion we were born to discover, Love!

Fear will always be a part of us. Yet, instead of getting angry, frustrated and running off to seek external pleasures, why don’t you consider befriending it?

When we strike up the courage to face our fears, that’s where transformation in your life starts to begin. That’s where love has a chance to emerge.

It’s where self-love starts to build up. Self-love doesn’t stop at treating yourself to a pancake on the weekend after a busy week or buying yourself a new pair of shoes.

Self-love begins by having compassion for ourselves for feeling the fears we are feeling. When we can forgive ourselves for feeling the way we are and accept ourselves as we are, that’s where love comes out of hiding.

Consider supporting the above with a mantra throughout your day, such as ‘I love and approve of myself as I am’

You will initially feel glimpses of love. yet, the more you forgive yourself, the more compassion for yourself you have, the more that feeling will intensify.

As it intensifies, you realise that love has such a powerful aura to it that all fear dissipates from your mind. It is fear’s perfect opposite.

Fear will always return again and again, but the more love you shine on it and observe it from a compassionate point of view, the more your state of being becomes grounded in love.

All fear you experience will with repeated exposure to love become background noise.

It’s then that you will experience life from a new point of view and realise that the birds have been chirping all along.

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