What is Victim Mentality? and how to break free

If you’ve ever wondered what is victim mentality? you’ve come to the right place

You may not realise it, but everyday you are constantly in a battle with yourself.

Not in the physical sense. By yourself i’m referring to your mind.

You see, everyday, without realising it you engage in negative self-talk and experience negative emotions such as fear, anger and sadness.

These will be exarcebated when shit happens in your life, which it always will (even to the most positive of people).

That’s just how the human mind was designed.

Each one of us, then, has a different way to dealing with the negative circumstances and emotions of life.

Dealing with it is the battle with yourself that arises.

Positive people, would many a time be winning the battle and manage to keep the negativity of the mind at bay.

Unfortunately for many, however, the mind gets the upperhand in the battle, which can spiral into an ocean of negativity.

As a result, by spending your days unconsciously identified with this negativity, you have a higher chance of becoming a victim of life.

What is Victim Mentality?

If you identify yourself as a victim (mindset), then you most likely believe that the circumstances of life determine who you are as a human being.

You believe that the universe is out to get you, rather than working for you, and that anything that happens to you in life is not your responsibility.

You end up putting the blame on God, your spouse, your dog, your colleague or any other person but yourself, for anything bad that happens to you.

As a result, you wallow in self-pity and seek out sympathy from others.

Sympathy, in turn, adds fuel to your already raging fire, by giving you justification for being unhappy, thus burying you deeper into the victim mindset.

‘Poor me’ becomes the motto of your life. You end up completely trapped in the negativity of the mind.

What is Vicitm Mentality? : Woman pointing at herself shouting 'I'm the Victim'

Breaking free

The first step in breaking the habit of victimisation is awareness and acceptance. Without it change won’t happen.

Truly come to accept and realise that you are playing the victim in life and this will motivate you to make life changes.

Next, challenge your negative beliefs with facts. Are there any facts you are not worthy? ….No! then change that belief to a more positive one.

Keep practising this over and over again with each one of your negative beliefs. Repetition and persistence is key.

Third, as a saying goes “oppose a thought of war with a thought of peace”. Any time you get angry, frustrated, negative, try turn the situation around and look for the good in the moment.

You may have stepped on dog poop on the way home from a bad day at work, for example.

Instead of beating yourself up, however, just be grateful you didn’t step on it barefoot.

Gratitude is the doorway to starting to believe the universe is working for you.

Finally come to forgive yourself and others for any past negative experiences. Breaking the chains of the past, will free you from all the self-pity.

Come to realise that you have a choice as to how to react to what the voice in your head tells you.

Now that you know what is victim mentality, practise the steps above. In time the more you practise, the more you’ll switch from the victim to the victor.

Man raising both arms shouting 'Victory' after overcoming victim mindset.

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