The Fear of Death: How to overcome our primal fear

In uncertain times, such as in a pandemic, many of us finally come face to face with our primal core fear.

You see, In the norm of our everyday lives many of us deal with countless fears and insecurities.

Some of us get hurt for not having been invited to a birthday party. Some of us doubt our abilities of becoming what we want to become whilst some of us are plain afraid of flying on planes.

All fears and insecurities in life will arise along those lines.

The Fear of Death

What we fail to see or recognise consciously, however, is that all fears we deal with day to day fall into one of three underlying root causes.

These underlying root causes are the fear of not being safe, the fear of rejection and the fear of not being good enough. 

Any fear you or any one has, therefore, will always boil down to one of the above.

Having said that, the above three underlying root causes all mask our ego’s primal core fear, the fear of death.

It is the fear of death that is behind all the fears and insecurities you have or have ever had. 

You may ask, what does the fear of not having been invited to a birthday party have to do with the fear of death?

Well to you consciously, rightly so, there is no link at all.

To your mind, however, the fear of rejection is seen to it as a threat to no longer existing.

Any fears in any form, therefore, all boil down to the fear of death. Most of us are just not aware of it.

Hence, in times of a pandemic, there is the fear of ‘I’m not safe’.

This fear is the closest of the three underlying root causes that we identify, to our ego’s primal fear.

It is from the ‘I’m not safe’ viewpoint that we mostly get to see what’s beyond the mask of our constructed fears.

Most of us, however, don’t know how to face what’s beyond.

Facing the Fear of Death

The fear of death is a tough nut to crack. Afterall, we were designed to survive and we all have a desire to live on eternally.

We must come to accept that in the form of human beings, we will never come to know the facts and truth of the unknown.

We can therefore say that the solution to overcoming this fear lies in the hands of faith.

By faith I’m not necessarily referring to religion.

It can be, but it doesn’t always have to be.

By faith, I believe each one of us has a duty to seek a version of the truth which instills peace in our heart.

How each one of us deals with the fear of death then differs from person to person.

My own Experience

I will share with you my own experience, by means of an example.

As a person, I do not consider myself religious but rather spiritual in nature.

By spiritual, I mean that I do believe in a connection to God.

Though I don’t believe strictly to any one particular religion.

(Nothing is wrong by the way in believing in a particular religion)

I then take it upon myself to fulfill my duty, by embarking on a knowledge seeking mission to find the closest thing to the truth.

I do this by reading many religious and spiritual texts.

Over time and with an open mind, I am continuously forming my own conclusions and beliefs as to what lies beyond.

The more common factors I find within all the texts I read, the more my own beliefs of the truth reinforce themselves.

As a result, the more I am able to let go of the fear of death.


Hence, as we come face to face with our primal core fear, we should choose to deal with it rather than escape it.

The more we reinforce our faith in whatever conclusions we choose to set for ourselves, the more the fear of death will lose its grip over us.

Keep in mind, however, that fulfilling our duty to seek our own version of the truth is a lifelong journey.

Though, the earlier you hop on that train, the more you will come to experience a peaceful life.

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