Anxiety is natural: Stop chasing it away

What many people fail to understand is that anxiety is natural, it will never just go away. It is a vital part of our body’s survival mechanism.

Although an unpleasant feeling, we need it when we actually find ourselves in danger.

The issue nowadays, in a world full of perception and stimulation, however, is the feeling of anxiety in the absence of danger.

The Survival Mechanism

To get a better understanding, a small part within the brain called the amygdala, controls our body’s survival mechanism.

This is known as the fight or flight response.

When working normally, the amygdala triggers this response, whenever we find ourselves in danger.

This results in the anxious feelings we experience.

Our ancestors required this function to fight and survive in primitive times, if say they were being chased by a mammoth.

However, in the busy chaotic life of today, there are no mammoths and we have evolved to identify danger at every turn.

Our amygdala, therefore, ends up stimulated when it shouldn’t.

When anxiety becomes a disorder

The fear of rejection, for example, or of ‘I’m not good enough’, are both man made beliefs.

These beliefs trick the primal part of our brains to think we are in danger of death.

Yet, the danger isn’t real, we only perceive it to be.

As a result, we identify with these perceived dangers, which in turn triggers the fight or flight response.

Not becoming aware of these perceived dangers, in many people, goes on to create a looping cycle of anxiety.

As a result of the amygdala constantly triggering, this looping cycle will unfortunately, over time, cause their brains to forget the initial perceived dangers.

Instead, the brain, will start to fear the anxiety feeling itself.

This is what generally triggers an anxiety disorder.

It is hence why psychologists, with their various techniques, try to get to an underlying root cause.

They would in actual fact be trying to get to the initial perceived dangers.

Once one becomes aware of the reason they feel anxious in the first place, that’s where they can then regain control over their anxious feelings.

Anxiety is natural: stop chasing it away

Keep in mind, however, that the anxiety feeling will never completely go away.

Many people spend a lot of time and effort fighting the feeling of anxiety and expecting to never feel anxious.

This is a lost battle and who does this is just chasing their own tail. Anxiety is a natural thing in human beings.

Having said that, we are not condemned to be ruled by the primal irrational part of our psyche.

Luckily, there are many successful management techniques out there, which allow us to make friends with the anxious feelings and get on with everyday life.

Hence, if you’re spending your time and effort chasing anxiety away, stop now!

Realise instead that it’s just a perceived danger (unless it has a valid cause). Befriend it, simply by observing it, and rationally show it who is the boss in the relationship.

Accept this and you’ll start living your life from an all new perspective.

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