Who’s that guy? finding your true identity

Have you ever reacted wrongly to a situation where you went on to ask yourself, who’s that guy? where did that come from?

Well, you have just made acquaintance with your ego.

Man asking who's that guy? and seeing a question mark in the mirror

From the age of three, a child absorbs all events and things in its external environment to form its beliefs and values system.

These beliefs and values contribute towards building up the personality, which forms the sense of identity.

Hence, who you are today and that voice in your head is essentially the result of all the configurations you pick up as a child.

Here’s the problem though……

The ego doesn’t like change, is very defensive of your identity and rejects anything that goes against its set beliefs and values.

You can liken it to a hard-headed child.

Therefore, If you wonder why you get anxious when proven wrong in a conversation, for example, now you know why.

The other you

Let’s stick to the same example above.

If you react anxiously and defensively and become aware of that, it must mean that there’s another side of you that makes up who you are.

Otherwise, how could you react and concurrently be aware of your reaction? if you are only the ego.


You have just made acquaintance with your higher self. This ‘aware’ part of you is the conscious human part of your psyche.

Your higher self has always been within you, but only develops through conscious awareness. You in fact only experience glimpses of conscious awareness day to day.

Consciousness is the part of you that allows you to notice the voice in your head (ego). It is the part of you that allows you to accept or reject what the ego is suggesting you do.

Most of us don’t realise that we have a choice as to how to react because we unfortunately spend most of our lives being controlled by the ego.

Anxiety, depression and all suffering in life are the result of identifying with the child within you, that opposes anything that goes against its beliefs and values.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, however, if you haven’t come in touch with your higher self, because as we age we tend to become more conscious.

Having said that, we shouldn’t wait to age. Conscious awareness should be developed willingly. It will have far reaching results.

Breaking free

So non-judgmentally, begin to observe your behaviours and reactions in everyday life.

You’ll spend a while transitioning between consciousness (higher-self) and unconsciousness (ego) and that’s fine.

In time, however, the more you observe the ego, your predominant mental state will settle as your higher-self .

Next time you ask yourself ‘who’s that guy?’, you will finally come to realise that consciousness is essentially who we truly are as human beings.

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