When boredom strikes – 5 better ways to kill your time

This pandemic is keeping us confined to our homes for more than we bargained for, to the point boredom strikes.

At first, it was the perfect opportunity to stay in, chill and catch up on those TV series you never managed to watch. Five seasons in and a popped jeans button later, however, you realise you have an abundance of time left to kill and no idea what to do for the rest of the day.

The fridge gets opened numerous times, in the hope something new pops up. You pointlessly flip through all TV channels, you refresh your social media feed every 5 minutes to see if someone else’s life is better than yours, or you simply walk around different rooms of your home for no reason whatsoever.

We’ve all been there.

5 better ways to kill your time when boredom strikes

Get productive

I’m talking about the “we’ll do it later” list. The time is now and only now to get down to doing the things you have been putting off for ages. Stick up those frames, re-paint that room, clean out your wardrobe. You will come to thank yourself when this comes to pass.


Chances are the last book you read was the mandatory poetry book in english class. Drop your social media feeds and news portals, at least for a few hours and lose yourself in an interesting book of your choice …… (and no! magazines don’t count!)

Just Be

It’s fine to do nothing at all. Sit still, in silence and meditate. You’re contributing to growing spiritually, the more you do so.


Whilst still allowed to do so, go for a 5/10 km long walk. It will not only clear your mind, it will also build an appetite. You’ll now have a valid reason to go open the fridge.


Engage in meaningful conversation with your partner. Go beyond “how was your day?” or “what’s for dinner?” and get to know eachother better. There is no better time to do so. Being stuck together may seem like the end of the world or it may be a blessing in disguise.

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