Living with Anxiety – 5 things to remember

If you are living with anxiety, you probably do realise that you aren’t in danger, yet you can’t seem to switch off your survival mechanism.

Day to day can be challenging, in as much, you never know how you are truly going to wake up on any given day.

Symptoms differ from person to person, but most commonly you would spend most of your time with racing thoughts, in a state of tension.

By the end of a day, your muscles can feel like a beaten steak and your mind like a short circuit wire.

You can be the most outgoing person and full of energy on the one day, only to write off the next, self-isolate and crawl back into your comfort zone.

If that wasn’t enough, chronic anxiety can even trigger depressive episodes. The cherry on the cake when you think a day couldn’t get worse.

Luckily, there are many successful ways to manage your anxiety. Unfortunately, though, there will always be days where your efforts are in vain.

When living with anxiety, and those moments arise, remember the following:

1. You are not broken

Anxiety makes you feel alone and isolated but in reality we are more alike than we think or even know.

It may seem like you are the only person going through it, yet, anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the world.

Knowing that can ease the guilt and frustration you experience for feeling anxious.

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2. Allow yourself to feel horrible

Sometimes all you can do is ride out the storm, no matter how many management techniques you try.

And that’s ok. Come to fully accept that you are not feeling ok and try to stay grounded in the present moment.

Get on with your day by doing something you enjoy.

living with anxiety - Spongebob feeling sad in a coffeeshop

3. Don’t give up

This adds on to No. 2. Just because your management techniques aren’t working doesn’t mean you should quit.

Wake up, show up and never give up.

Get on with your daily meditation, yoga or whichever management techniques you use.

You can then allow yourself to feel horrible today, but would have put in the effort to feel better tomorrow.

4. Avoid over indulging in guilty pleasures

Your first instinct will be to reach out for something that makes you feel good, when your anxiety is overwhelming.

By all means do so but in moderation.

Over indulging can work in the short term but long term you’re only increasing your anxiety.

Indulging in sugar, for example, can change your mood in the moment but can make you twice as anxious the next day.

Top that off with a pleasant headache from the sugar withdrawal!

living with anxiety - Man eating candy, getting a sugar rush

5. Reach Out

When experiencing a bad patch, reach out to a friend or loved one.

When we reach out, it’s then that we truly see how many of us deal with different levels of anxiety and stress in everyday life.

Anxiety is more common than you think and everyone has different ways of dealing with it.

Sharing each other’s coping techniques may benefit you in waking up feeling energised tomorrow morning.

living with anxiety - Guy picking up the phone and calling a friend

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