Corona Virus pandemic – 5 lessons to be learnt

The economic downturn currently being experienced, as a result of corona virus, has an upside, although many won’t see the wood for the trees.

How lost has our society been over the past decade in egocentrism and greed, all to squeeze in a penny at the detriment of moral values and the environment.

Malta’s air pollution has dropped 70% in a month. Did it really have to take social distancing and work from home measures caused by a pandemic to bring about such drastic positive results? 

What about the outpour of compassion by the community for all those working relentlessly to control the pandemic from spreading? for all those that have lost their jobs? or for all those that are suffering financially?

Did we all have to find ourselves in survival mode to start caring more about our loved ones, our employees or the people around us? 

This situation,like everything in this world, will come to pass.

It will, however, teach us some valuable lessons:

Corona Virus valuable lessons

1. Working as a community works best

Collectively abiding by the Covid-19 measures set out by the government and health authorities respectively has, to date, managed to flatten the new infections curve, as compared to other countries struggling to contain the virus. 

Lesson learnt? Teamwork is effective.

2. Adaptability and change can be good

Granted, most, if not all businesses aren’t currently adapting by choice, though, many will come to set a new norm of operating, once this situation passes. Some companies will go on to change their  business models for the better. We also know there is a positive impact on the environment by operating differently, hence don’t be surprised if the government are incentivised to impose more Eco-friendly measures (Nowadays it pays businesses to be environmentally friendly anyway)

Lesson learnt? Change isn’t always for the worse

3. Materialistic things come and go

Your job and money are two things that can disappear in a flash. Hold on to nothing, expect nothing and cherish what you have. It will avoid disappointments down the road.

Lesson learnt? Have no attachments

4. Don’t take freedom for granted

This semi-imposed lockdown will bring a whole new meaning to wanting to stay home and chill. I’m sure the lifting of socialising restrictions will sound swell to all, even to introverts!

Lesson learnt? Take nothing for granted

5. Helping others brings more happiness

Compassion and helping others won’t fix my problem, you may say. No it won’t unfortunately!

What it will do, is connect you to the human part of your psyche.

If you can get on with life from this angle, then you’re contributing to slowing down and changing the collective egocentric mindset of our society. You will also come to experience a deeper feeling of peace.

Lesson learnt? Think of others before yourself

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